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Frequently Asked Questions

Those who may be eligible for MSP supplementary benefits may request reimbursement for services received in B.C. and paid for up-front by submitting a ‘Patient Reimbursement for Medical Care’ form (MSP Form 2944). For more information, please visit: MSP supplementary benefits

Yes, we do accept ICBC claims. ICBC patients are still required to pay a visit charge ($15.00 per visit) and an official receipt will be issued. If the date of accident is more than 90 days before your first visit or if you have been elsewhere for services under this claim, pre-approval from ICBC is required and a doctor’s note may be requested.

Yes, we do accept WSBC claims. Your claim must be “pending” or “accepted” at the time of first treatment in order for WSBC to be billed the assessment cost. If your claim is more than 60 days since the date of injury, pre-approval is required from WorkSafeBC prior to your visit, or the private visit rate will be charged. When your claim is approved and processed by WSBC, you will be reimbursed.

Most extended health plans do cover for physiotherapy services. We do not directly bill to your extended health plans; however, we will provide you with an official receipt that can be submitted to your provider for reimbursement. Please check with your provider for more details.

You are not required a doctor’s note to seek private physiotherapy treatments; however, some extended health plans may require it. Please contact your provider for more details. If you are seeking treatments under ICBC or WSBC, it is best to provide us with a doctor’s note.

Appointments are required. Please click here for our appointment hours and contact information.

Depending on your condition, your initial visit may be 30 minutes to 1 hour (exact duration is not guaranteed).

If you have any related radiology reports, discs, or films, please bring them with you in addition to:

  • Private patients (BC residents and non BC residents): a valid BC Care Card or photo ID
  • ICBC patients: a valid BC Care Card or photo ID, valid claim number, adjuster’s information, doctor’s referral
  • WSBC patients: a valid BC Care Card or photo ID, valid claim number, doctor’s referral, worksite address, employer’s information, case manager’s information
  • Comfortable attire (preferably sports wear)
  • Cotton socks (you will be required to remove your shoes)

Patients who provide less than 3 calendar days’ cancellation notice or do not show up for their scheduled appointments will be charged a $50 late cancellation / no show fee. Please note all fees incurred must be paid before we can schedule a future appointment for you. Appointments can be cancelled by phone or email. As our phone lines can become quite busy, you may find it easier to leave a voice message or email us at


Kelvin Physiotherapy Clinic